Updates to the eTime (Finance) application

Planned in advance; Complete


Affected services
  • eTime (Finance) - appsutilkb1/at1
Outage Time
12:00 PM, 05-Sep-17 — 01:00 PM, 05-Sep-17
At Risk Time
01:00 PM, 05-Sep-17 — 02:00 PM, 05-Sep-17
Updates will be made to the eTime (Finance) application on Tuesday 5th September. There will be an outage (1200-1300) with eTime further 'at risk' until 1400.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Deploy eTime updates done under FIN116 There are 3 fixes, supported by 3 JIRA - 1) https://www.jira.is.ed.ac.uk/projects/FIN116/issues/FIN116-12 - is a fix to a print style 2) https://www.jira.is.ed.ac.uk/projects/FIN116/issues/FIN116-14 - is a fix/tweak to search functionality Both of these require a restart of the Tom Cat service 3) https://www.jira.is.ed.ac.uk/projects/FIN116/issues/FIN116-13 - Is a piece of work to reinstate decommissioned users and ensure that inactive IDM users also have 'inactive' access applied to eTime this will require a database patch to the FIN LIVE eTime database
Technical summary
Fix / Patch to eTime service FIN116
All users of Finance's eTime application
Servers / Hardware
Expected impact
A number of changes are now needed, in order to meet the changing governance and regulatory requirements from Research Sponsors and the HMRC in eTime.
Change Reference
Special CAB:C1708-134, C1708-058
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Requested by Richard Bailey on 25-Aug-2017
Authorised by Applications
Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
Published by Jonathan Henderson

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