UniDesk UoE service unavailable

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Affected services
  • UniDesk
Outage Time
04:00 AM, 31-Aug-17 — 04:15 AM, 31-Aug-17
Outage Time
05:00 AM, 31-Aug-17 — 05:15 AM, 31-Aug-17
To prevent performance issues the UoE UniDesk service will be unavailable from 04:00-04:30 and between 05:00-05:30 on Thursday 31st August. The work will involve two server restarts at these times and is followed by an at risk period up until 09:30 (recovery time if required). The UniDesk National service is unaffected by these changes.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
It has been identified that the UoE UniDesk service is struggling to complete it's overnight process such as the regular DB jobs. The change to address these performance issues is to increase available resources for the Edinburgh Unidesk instance Once the resources are applied a service restart is required. At the beginning of the working day (tomorrow morning) checks will be performed on the service.
Technical summary
Increase in UoE UniDesk service processing cores
The UoE UniDesk service for all operators
Servers / Hardware
Ed Unidesk servers
Impact description
All operators will not be able to use the service during the outage.
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Requested by Willie Mitchell on 30-Aug-2017
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