REH Kennedy Tower network link

Unplanned; Complete


Affected services
  • Data networking
Outage Time
10:00 AM, 04-Sep-17 — Ongoing
The fibre link between Appleton Tower & REH Kennedy Tower went down at 10:00 today and is still down.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Outage reported to Vodafone (fibre circuit supplier, ticket reference 8186737) @ 11:45. This alert is ongoing and updates will be added as & when we have anything further information. Update 14:08 With Vodafone engineer now. One of the legs of the fibre pair is broken at approx 3km. A fix will be attempted once the actual break location is found. Update 16:30 Vodafone fibre engineer working to find the break. Next update at12:00 unless we hear sooner. Update 18:45 The fibre cable has been repaired and the link is now operational again. We will continue to monitor the link as we do all the network links.
Technical summary
REH Kennedy Tower network link
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No access to any data services
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Requested by Duncan Phillips on 04-Sep-2017
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