Committee Site Maintenance

Agreed - Short Notice; Complete


Affected services
  • Committees Website
Outage Time
12:00 PM, 07-Sep-17 — 01:00 PM, 07-Sep-17
At Risk Time
01:00 PM, 07-Sep-17 — 02:00 PM, 07-Sep-17
Applying a fix for Committee paper expired links and upgrade to website applying security update.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Applying changes to use the new sharepoint API. Should fix issues with expired links. Also the latest EdWeb distribution will be taken.
Technical summary
Committees website to start using new Sharepoint API
Committee members
Servers / Hardware
Impact description
The committees website will be unavailable during the update and may suffer from degraded service if many links are updated afterwards.
Change Reference
Additional comments

Request, Authorise and Publish

Requested by Claire Bradford on 07-Sep-2017
Authorised by Applications
Publish to IS Website (Service Status and Alerts page): Yes
Published by Claire Bradford

Additional Details

Risk classification
Risk assessment
Only affects committees website - applied on TEST
Other people involved
Notes for future reference
Site update has completed but the new cron mechanism is not in place yet because it fails. Enough calls to "drush cron-run" have been added to get past the backlog of committee site updates (25 sites).