Loss of resilient paths in Storage Area Network

Unplanned; Complete


Affected services
  • Core Application Storage
  • Virtual Hosting
Degraded Service Time
01:16 PM, 14-Sep-17 — 01:52 PM, 14-Sep-17
A fibre switch stack, in a redundant pair, suffered a fault at 13:16 today. The effect of this was a loss of redundant paths to both the Central Storage Platforms and to all connected servers. There was no loss of service in this event, just a loss of redundancy.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Work summary
Engineers visited the Data Centre in question and brought the fibre switches back online at 13:52. Some additional paths within the fabric had to be created to restore full connectivity. Diagnosis is not yet complete and so it is currently unknown if any further remedial action is required. There has been no loss of service during this event, only a loss of redundancy.
Technical summary
Loss of resilient paths in Storage Area Network (SAN)
Servers / Hardware
Impact description
users should see no impact. administrators of systems will see the loss of some paths to the SAN.
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Requested by martin campbell on 14-Sep-2017
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Additional Details

Risk classification
Risk assessment
The infrastructure in question is fundamental to delivery of almost every core service.
Other people involved
Barry Tait
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