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Getting Started with BusinessObjects

Lesson Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

BusinessObjects Course Outline

This course is designed to give learners skills and knowledge needed to access, analyse, and share corporate data using BusinessObjects InfoView and Web Intelligence. Learners can see how to organise, manage, and distribute documents using InfoView. They should also learn how to create Web Intelligence documents for their reporting needs, to retrieve data by building queries using BusinessObjects universes, and to use Web Intelligence to enhance documents for easier analysis.

The business benefit of this course is that users will be able to efficiently and effectively manage personal and corporate documents to access the information they need, when they need it. They will be able to design their own reports using Web Intelligence and share their analysis with other users.

If you prefer to work with a slimmer version of this training guide, link stright to the following: Quick Guide to Getting Started with BusinessObjects which aims to give you basic instructions to get you started in a number of simple steps.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence concepts
  • Accessing information with Web Intelligence
  • Understanding the semantic layer
  • Universes
  • Objects
  • Classes
Web Intelligence core functionality
  • Querying with Web Intelligence
  • Reporting with Web Intelligence
  • Analyzing with Web Intelligence
  • Sharing with Web Intelligence

Lesson 2: Getting Started with InfoView

Logging onto InfoView
  • Log on to InfoView
  • Setting InfoView Preferences
  • Logging off from InfoView
InfoView home page overview
  • Title Bar
  • Navigation Bar
  • Navigation panel
  • Workspace panel
  • Accessing InfoView documents from Folders
Using BusinessObjects Online Help
  • Access Help

Lesson 3: Managing & Viewing documents in InfoView

Managing Folders and Documents in InfoView
  • Creating a new folder
  • Copying and moving documents and folders
  • Saving documents to personal folders and categories
  • Searching for documents
Open and view Web Intelligence documents
  • To open and view a document
  • Closing documents
Refresh documents from InfoView
  • To refresh manually
  • To refresh every time a document is opened
Print documents from InfoView
  • Printing

Lesson 4: Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries

Getting new data with Web Intelligence
  • Web Intelligence Report Panel
Create and edit Web Intelligence documents
  • Creating a new Web Intelligence document using the Java Report Panel
  • Create a new Web Intelligence document
  • To build a query in the Java Report Panel
Saving a new document
  • To save a new document to a personal folder
Edit a documents query
  • To edit the query
  • To project data into a table

Lesson 5: Displaying Information

Working in the Java Report Panel
  • Components of a Web Intelligence document
  • Viewing reports in a document
  • About the Edit Report view
  • The Edit Report view toolbars
  • Customising the user settings
  • Working with the Report Manager in the Java Report Panel
Displaying data in Tables and Charts
  • About Tables
Creating tables
  • Table Templates
  • Creating a vertical table
  • Creating a horizontal table
  • Creating a crosstab
Working with tables
  • Changing table formats
  • Adding data to an existing table
Presenting data in charts
  • Introduction
  • About chart types
  • Creating a chart
  • Creating a chart from a table

Lesson 6: Working in Interactive View

Modifying a document interactively
  • Introduction
  • Using the Interactive Viewing menus, toolbars and Left panels
Modifying the document with Interactive View
  • To modify data using Interactive View mode
  • To turn the table into a chart

Lesson 7: Sharing Web Intelligence Documents

Sharing Documents
  • Sharing documents with InfoView users
  • Saving Documents for sharing with others
  • Sharing beyond Web Intelligence
Scheduling a Web Intelligence document
  • View the history of a document
  • Scheduling documents in InfoView